Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Chess tournament results

Congratulations to Toby for winning the SPS chess tournament. Well done to Katy, too, for being a worthy opponent! Such a great battle between two wonderful chess players, with a stale mate and rematch along the way! 

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Monday, 6 July 2015

06.07.15 design

We have been inventing. We made lots of notes as part of the planning stage.

Medals and ....this is how to do it

James with three lucky medal wearing children.....

James showing the children how to swim under water....

One of the worlds best against Shaftesbury's best.....

At the end of the Year 5/6 session, James took on the two best swimmers in our school...this was the outcome....

James Guy - European and World Class Swimmer visits the school

Wow. Today we had a visit from James Guy, World Junior Record Holder, Current European Record Holder , 2nd fastest man in the world this year and 9th fastest swimmer in the history of swimming!

He was brilliant, met the children in assembly and then carried out three swimming workshops with some very lucky children indeed. His Commonwealth Gold, Bronze and World Silver medals went around all the classes too.

Here is a link to his recent appearance on Channel 4's Trans World Sport.... Make sure you watch him on BBC Sport at the start of August in the World Championships from Russia.