Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Why do things float?

Why do things float? Apple class (Juniper) tomorrow found out why things float.... Ask them to tell you using the floating and sinking link in an earlier app...

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Persuasive Writing

Persuasive Writing - we got a bit carried away in literacy and ended up hunting for persuasive writing features in Country Child magazine. Ask you child what features they can show you in the photos!

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Finding Factors of a Number

Monday, 29 September 2014

Out of this world(literally)!

Northern lights as seen from International Space Station - timelapse video
http://gu.com/p/4xq2d. Check this short video - it is amazing. We may use this for our poetry on Thursday.

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This weeks science...

Get ahead of your friends this week by having a play around with this little web demonstration on sinking and floating......Clink on the Sinking and Floating link below...

Sinking and Floating

Friday, 26 September 2014

Buddies! - RRS

We met up with our buddies in Cedar today.

Apple meet their buddies - RRS

Apple meet their buddies... Today Year 6 got to officially meet their Year 6 buddies. They had previously written their buddies a letter to introduce themselves. We hope to meet up a lot more (above and beyond playground meetings) with things like story times, Christmas parties and sharing learning journeys! I think my class had as much fun playing with the toys as their buddies did, 

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Thursday, 25 September 2014

We are going to try and do this Year 6.........

Castle Hill

Captured with 360 Panorama in 15.6 seconds.

Park Walk

Captured with 360 Panorama in 20.4 seconds.

Trip to town - Mr Wahab's photos from Park Walk

Here are some fine sketches showing Win Green, Melbury and Hambledon.

Our morning in Shaftesbury - Mr Preston's pictures!

We finally got a clear day and made the most of it by walking up to Shaftesbury to finish our sketching that we had previously hoped to do up a foggy Win Green! Mr Wahab will also post some of his pictures. As you can see the views were amazing and we hope they will have inspired the children to produce some fantastic art.

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Wednesday, 24 September 2014


Upthrust - The children discovered a new force today that they had never heard of, the force of Upthrust. They found that items weigh less in water because of it and even less in golden syrup! Their challenge is to tell me tomorrow why is Upthrust greater in Golden Syrup than in water...?

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Tuesday, 23 September 2014

More Art Workshop photos

Art Workshop

We really enjoyed making bugs out of recycled materials this morning. Mr Alner helped us with using glue guns and various tools. Special mention to Hayden who was both skilful and enthusiastic. Well done to everyone and thanks also to Mrs Rolls who arranged this special art workshop.

Outdoor Maths

We learnt and practised our times tables this afternoon. One pair, Ben and Jordan, did this on the times table grid in the playground!

New spellings for the week commencing 22/09/14 - Juniper will get these on Friday.

Calculate your weight on other planets...

Calculate your weight on other planets...This is what the children did today! They discovered the cool fact that on any planet you mass stays the same but your weight will always change depending on the force of gravity. Apple class found out what Tendai would weigh on other planets! Why not try your own weight at home! (Apologies for the 'to' and not 'two' on Question 4!)

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Harvest Samba

This is the vey cool Harvest Samba that the children are learning in school  -  now you can practice at home Year 6 and really annoy your parents - hee hee!

9 x table fingers!

9 x table fingers! Watch Ben getting 'hands-on' with his 9 x table. This trick using our fingers is something we can all learn! 

Monday, 22 September 2014

Fascinating Faces!

Apple and Juniper classes both discussed prejudices. Here are some of the people who we talked about. Those named below are famous, (can you remember what for? and can you find out anything else about them?) and the others are not. The conversations provoked by the pictures were, without exception, thought provoking and fascinating. We'll done, Year 6. CHALLENGE: Which UNICEF rights do you think are covered by the philosophy of 'not judging a book by its cover?'

Is there gravity on the moon Year 6? Neil Armstrong - First Moon Landing 1969

This weeks science -Check out a sneak peak...Hammer vs Feather

Friday, 19 September 2014

This weeks spellings

This weeks spellings - these are the spellings for most children in Year 6 given out on 19/09/14. Apple will be tested on Tuesday and Juniper will be tested a week today (Friday).

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Thursday, 18 September 2014


Today's gymnastic session was all about pushing yourself to do a balance you had not tried before. This is Todd being supported by Lucy and Kathleen in an attempt to do a hand stand! Good support girls.   

Fun with Decimals

Fun with Decimals - the children had been finding understanding exactly what decimals were a bit difficult so we got the multi link cubes out and explored what 0.1 looked like, 0.6 etc etc. We then looked at money and how 10p is also 0.1 of a pound! The children then went even further to look at how 0.1 is the equivalent of 1/10 and 0.5 is the same as 1/2. Top maths Mr Preston's group!

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Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Football Club

Football Club has started and here's the merry band of footballers!

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Riding Aboard Japan's Super Fast Maglev Trian

The children looked at magnets in real life situations. This is
the Japanese 'Maglev' bullet train which uses magnetic
levitation to 'float' on tracks instead of wheels . It goes over

Recycling7 Rare Earth magnet separating aluminum from bi metals

We also talked about how recycling companies separate iron/steel tins with
aluminium ones - have a look at the power of the magnet that 'attracts' the
magnetic materials at a very high speed whilst the others drop down the chute!

Repulsion and Attraction - Amazing Discovery With Magnets

Check this out - Cool Magnet Trick

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Science question of the day...

Why is Steel magnetic? House points if you bring me the answer tomorrow Apple or Juniper class...

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Are all metals magnetic?

Are all metals magnetic? That was the question that 6 Apple had to discover this afternoon? Ask your child what they found out...

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