Sunday, 19 June 2016

Cycle Tour - Miss Mullett's and Miss Luffman's groups.

Wow! The rain actually held off for a couple of hours for us to enjoy our cycle tour. Some of the views were spectacular and despite the fog we could still see for miles.
The children visited the dam and shouted as loudly as they could (which was very loud!) and heard their voices echo across the dam bridge. Although we were all very tired from a fun-packed week we tackled the hills with 100% effort and thoroughly enjoyed our morning. Great stuff, everyone and what a brilliant end to a brilliant week!

Thursday, 16 June 2016

And now.....the end is's time to face....the final night

And now.....the end is's time to face....the final night...

Well we have done it, well nearly... One more night and day to go! The instructors said today has been the kids best day for listening and really going for it! High ropes perhaps offered the biggest challenge but everyone and I mean everyone, tackled each part and really were the best that they can be- carry that on in life Year 6 and you will go far.

We had the end of week disco tonight and again the atmosphere was really good, there were a few tears as expected, as we move towards their end of Shaftesbury Primary School but it was so lovely to see children genuinely grinning from ear to ear with their friends...

Between you as parents and us as a school, over the last 7 years we have produced an awesome group of kids (and this without doubt includes those staying behind for activities week) that the whole school community should be proud of. SATs don't test all the great things we have seen this week - the blog is testimony to this and in 5 short days they have all learned so much.

 It has been a hard week for all the adults, both at school and in Devon, to give these amazing opportunities to our amazing children but I think we would all do it again (eventually!) Thanks very much to all the staff who have been both in Shaftesbury and in Devon as if it wasn't for them,  this week would not have happened.

The morning brings one more set of adventures before we bring back 44 tired and dirty children back to Shaftesbury but the important thing is that it is 44 happy children who have all grown up just that little bit more.

Well done kids. Mr P. 😄

Miss Luffman's in the water courtesy of Mr Preston

High ropes with Miss Mullett

Phenomenal efforts! We truly conquered our fears today and blimey were those poles high! Fab day. 

Archery with Miss Mullett

Katness Everdean has some stiff competition! Fab archery skills!