Tuesday, 26 April 2016

More Mayan Art

Check out this fab Mayan alphabet work Becky Hill has completed at home following our lesson. Awesome!

Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Our names in ancient Maya scripture...

Juniper have been looking at the basic Maya alphabet (as their writing system is very complicated!) and   have made a start in designing some of the missing letters to create our names in Maya writing. Apple class will be having a go soon too so watch this space.

Zoo Pictures

We had an incredible day at the zoo - many thanks to all the adults that came along and well done to the children on representing the school so well. We now look forward to getting stuck into our adaptation topic!

Spot the snow leopard

As part of our adaptation topic, we are looking at the adaptations of the snow leopard that enable it to exist in the snowy mountains. Click on the link below for a spot the snow leopard challenge.....

Spot the snow leopard!

Perpendicular lines meet at right angles.

Now you'll struggle to forget! 

Marvell Zoo

Photos of Miss Mullett's group at Marwell Zoo looking at lots of amazing animals, recreating the flamingo pose and stroking stick insects.