Monday, 13 June 2016

End of Day One

Well, an uneventful journey was followed with a good picnic lunch. Beds were made and rooms were tidied so we were ready for the afternoons activities! Groups A and B went gorge walking in wet suits....ideal for the torrential rain whilst Mr Preston's and Mrs Cundick's groups did Aqua cycling. Bits got wet that we didn't know we had but the good old Shaftesbury spirit of being the best that you can be kept us going. 
A yummy tea of Spaghetti Bolognase followed by Apple crumble set us up for the night walk which we decided to go ahead with despite the rain which didn't really stop! 

Lights are off and it is kind of quiet.... It could be a long night so I have worn the correct PJ's.....

Overall the spirit and positive thinking has been great. We have had slips, trips, grazes, tears and lots of laughs. Roll on pony trekking, rock climbing, low ropes and team building in the morning. Oh, and it looks like more rain - we might all come back with webbed feet!

Nighty night

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