Thursday, 4 June 2015

That's that then... well nearly!

Wow, what a week.

It started with 50mph winds and torrential rain with the central heating on and it is now ending with blazing sunshine and t-shirts and shorts!

We have had blood, sweat and tears but more importantly we have had lots of laughs and every single person has conquered something - they have either climbed higher, jumped further, ridden faster, aimed straighter, balanced for longer or paddled better. Well done Year 6.

So the last day awaits. Mr Wahabs group are doing archery, Miss C and Miss M are rock climbing and my group are doing high ropes. After that it is a packed lunch and back up the A30 to see you lovely people! If your children are not shattered tonight then they really must have Duracell batteries!

I have said it before and will say it again that behaviour has been brilliant - you as parents should be very proud of them and all their efforts this week, we are. Would I take them away again.....yeah why not! (That is not an offer by the way!)

See ya later!

Mr P

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