Thursday, 4 June 2015

And now the end is near.....

Day 4 lies ahead. We all had a fantastic time making campfires and toasting marshmallows last night...

Everyone slept pretty well although one person had a bit of tummy ache and Miss Mullett was a star staying up to nearly 2am with the person! All good now though and Team SPS doesn't let a lack of sleep get in the way!

So today my group and that of Mr W are cycling, gorge scrambling and rock climbing whilst the other group replace rock climbing with Horse riding. They will rock climb tomorrow morning!

After 25 years out of the saddle I managed a canter or two and really enjoyed it although Mrs Cundick did mention my horse later died of exhaustion. Bit unfair I think!!!!!!

The weather looks gorgeous right now with wall to wall sunshine. We continue to have an amazing week but I think we are all looking forward to our own beds and perhaps for the adults a glass of cider!

No internet connection until tonight so blog updates might be a little later than normal!

To finish I want to say how proud we all are of the children, in general behaviour has been amazing and the instructors are very impressed!

Off for our cooked brekkie now....

Mr P

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